How to go from localhost:5000 to live website


I am trying to build my first website (ckan), I have a fully working docker container but I can get it to move from localhost:5000 to the given website and IP.

I have tried using NGINX but this isn’t working for me either (i am probably doing something wrong).

Is there a simple way or steps to take to check this?

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.

You need to help us to help you. Please show us what you do and how you do it, so we get an understanding of what needs to be done differently.

As @meyay wrote it would be better if you could share what you are doing so we can tell you what you are doing wrong instead of starting to explain everything from the beginning, even what you know. All I can do is to share my tutorial which contains a very small and simple project to use Nginx proxy

Kindly explain your problem, so that we will be able to give you guaranteed solution.