How to Import private Docker repository in other Organization

Suppose I have a Docker Cloud organization called foo and a private repository called data.

Now in a second Docker Cloud organization called bar I want to be able to gain access to the private foo/data images. It seems like the Repository Import feature is what I want, but it has never worked for me, claiming my input is invalid and showing me syntax help.


Is the format prompt on the Import Repository dialog. This is a Docker Hub image. I have tried foo/data and /foo/data and but nothing works.

Has anyone gotten this to work?

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I have exactly the same issue here. Have you been able to figure it out?
I noticed that the actual error seems to be: “Only third party images can be added” (shown in the network inspection tab). Does it make sense?

Same issue here, although the error I get back does appear to be
Invalid image name. Should be in the format [registry[:port]/][username/]reponame[:tag]
No matter what I put into the image name field.

Did either of you manage to get a resolution to this?


I haven’t found a solution yet. Someone from Docker should be able to confirm or deny if this is suppose to work.

Has anyone come up with a solution to this yet? The Import Repository tool gives me the error: “Only third party images can be added.” I believe this is because the foo organization images that I’m trying import are on Dockerhub and that’s not what the tool is meant for.

I thought this would be accomplished by using the teams feature in Dockerhub. I have a user that has access to both foo and bar organizations. When in Docker Cloud in the user account, I can pull foo/data. However, using the same credentials but in the bar organization in Docker Cloud, I get a “401 Unauthorized” trying to pull foo/data.

What’s happening here? Is there really no way for organization bar to access private repositories for organization foo? This seems like a gaping issue.

Docker Team - can you please comment on this? This isn’t just a “nice to have” feature, this is a broken critical feature.

Wow, this issue has me dead in the water. This is blocking our production release. For compliance reasons, I need separate accounts for production and for security reasons, I need a separate org for development. This needs to be fixed right now.

Yes austinchambers, we have separate accounts for production as you do and really need this fixed. Since we have gotten no response from the Docker Team so far I’ll mention that I tried again today. At least now their error message says only third party repositories are support.

This doesn’t solve our problem, but at least it seems to suggest that Docker has acknowledged that they have no intention of supporting this feature for us, which is sad.