How to increase docker storage limit in LINUX

Dear friends,
I am trying to increase the docker storage limit from configuration file. It does not work and gives me errors.

“bip”: “”,
“fixed-cidr”: “”,
“storage-driver”: “overlay2”,
“mtu”: 1400,
“storage-opts”: [
“default-address-pools”: [

here is my daemon.json file in /etc/docker/ … I tried to add dm.basesize=20G after “overlay2.override_kernel_check=true” , but did not work.
I’ve seen some guidelines to change it from /sysconfig/ but I do not have such directory related to docker also.

can someone help me?

  • Issue : Increasing storage limit of docker does not work.
  • OS Version/build : UBUNTU 20.4
  • App version: latest
  • Steps to reproduce: install docker and try to change configuration file (Daemon) in /etc/docker/daemon.json

What exactly do you mean by storage limit? According to your config you are using the overlay2 storage driver which doesn’t have a default limit as device mapper. dm.basesize is a parameter of devicemapper, not overlay2.

Maybe it’s about the volume size of the utility vm that Docker Desktop for Linux uses?

But then again, most people that use the Docker Desktop for Linux Category don’t even run Docker Desktop :slight_smile:

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I didn’t even notice the category. But I noticed

Of course it must be 20.04. And it also could be that the docker client runs in a WSL distribution, which is Ubuntu. So indeed, it would be good to see the output of the following commands

docker info
docker version

IF we are talking about Dcoker Desktop, the daemoon json will not help and you need to change the limits from the Docker Desktop UI.: Settings » Resources » Advanced
I don’t my Docker Desktop for Linux open to test it, but this is where it can be found on macOS.