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How to make .sh file executable in Windows?

(Sorcererstone) #1

I am new to docker & not familiar with Linux OS.
My OS is Win10pro & I am using Docker-for-Windows.
I am trying to build an open source project. The project has 2 .sh & 1 dockerfile files I can download.
It said something right at the beginning which I don’t understand & completely lost.

“Make sure the file is executable:
chmod a+x”

chmod is a Linux command, I am in Windows. I googled. There is no such thing as execution bit in Windows but there is in Linux.

I googled more and landed on this page:

The original poster posted a similar question, but I suspected he was in Linux environment. But the poster posted a solution at the bottom of this short page. It said:

“Ok, i’ve figured it:

first i made a container:

docker run --name CONTAINER -dt IMAGE

then exec my commands:

docker exec CONTAINER chmod +x …/test/”

I am new to docker. So, can someone please tell me what did the poster mean by “first I made a container”?

If I can create an image first and then run it as a container, I guess the rest of his statement make sense.

I have created a folder and put the 2 .sh & dockerfile in this folder already. So, how exactly I can create an image base on these 3 files?

Thanks in advance.

(Sorcererstone) #2

I resolved this issue after I discovered there is such thing as ubuntu for windows distribution available. Rest of my questions are now irrelevant.