How to make wget run in docker

Hi I’m trying to build a Dockerfile with below content:

FROM openjdk:8-jdk-alpine

# working directory 

# create directory for gatling install
RUN mkdir -p dir

# install
RUN apk add --update wget bash libc6-compat && \
mkdir -p /tmp/downloads && \
wget -q -O /tmp/downloads/ && \
mkdir -p /tmp/archive && \
cd /tmp/archive && \
unzip /tmp/downloads/ && \
mv /tmp/archive/file/* /opt/file/ && \
rm -rf /tmp/*

# change context to file directory
WORKDIR  /opt/file

# set directories below to be mountable from host
VOLUME ["/opt/file/conf", "/opt/file/results", "/opt/file/user-files"]

# set environment variables
ENV PATH /opt/path


When I run this command : sudo docker build -t tag:name . I got below error as:

ERROR: failed to solve: process "RUN apk add --update wget bash libc6-compat && \
mkdir ..." did not complete successfully: exit code: 139

I’m using Mac M1 Apple chip, arm64. How do I resolve this issue?

Edited: I tweak a bit by adding RUN to each line, it turns out that the faulty line was wget -q -O /tmp/downloads/, logging was:

  20 |     RUN apk add --update wget bash libc6-compat
  21 |     RUN mkdir -p /tmp/downloads 
  22 | >>> RUN wget -q -O /tmp/downloads/
  23 |     RUN mkdir -p /tmp/archive 
  24 |     RUN cd /tmp/archive
ERROR: failed to solve: process "/bin/sh -c wget -q -O /tmp/downloads/" did not complete successfully: exit code: 139

Further debugging by jumping directly to docker using docker exec -it id sh, I get this error when re-run the whole command:

/bin/sh -c wget -q -O /tmp/downloads/

Turns out that wget cannot be executed, I have tried to put this wget command into double ticks, but no use.
How do I disable /bin/sh -c OR is there any workaround I can do ?

What’s the result of

docker exec -it <c-id> wget 


Either wget is not installed or not in path.

Does it work with curl?

The base image openjdk:8-jdk-alpine already has a wget, so adding it again should not be necessary. Try changing the RUN line as follows:

RUN apk add --update bash libc6-compat && \
mkdir -p /tmp/downloads && \
wget -q -O /tmp/downloads/ && \
mkdir -p /tmp/archive && \
cd /tmp/archive && \
unzip /tmp/downloads/ && \
mv /tmp/archive/file/* /opt/file/ && \
rm -rf /tmp/*

It should work.

Please do not use this image. It has a deprication notice.

The tag 8-jdk-alpine was release 5 years ago, and has critical and high vulnerabilities according Synk:

  • 3 critical
  • 14 high
  • 34 medium
  • 36 low

You might want to replace it with eclipse-temurin:8-jdk. If you start your project on green field, you should definitely start with Java 21, otherwise you start with technical debts for the migration to Java 21 from the get go.

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It turns out that the problem comes from using MAC M1 Apple Chip !!!
Upgraded to openjdk:19-alpine and things work normally now, with the same Dockerfile content.

hi @meyay I would not mind changing to new java, could you recommend some equivalent package manager to apk ?
Thank you for suggestion

If you use the alpine “flavour” of the eclipse-temurin images, you can continue to use apk. For example, you could use eclipse-temurin:21.0.2_13-jdk-alpine. This should work on M1 Apple chip also.