How to overcome stack smashing detected problems?

why am i getting stack smashing detected message when I try to transfer a file from ubuntu machine to an aws instance ? How to overcome this problem. I am unable to transfer files. Please help

Please elaborate and provide a context, so we get an understanding of your situation.

First posts lacking information tend to receive no responses, as there is nothing to work with. Please provide everything necessary for a third part to re-create your situation.

Sorry… I am working with an aws instance, linux OS. I tried the following command line:

scp -i xyz.pem path/of/filename/on ubuntu machine ec2-user@xx.xx.xx.xx:destination/folder/on aws instance

with the intention of transferring the file. But it threw an error log as follows.

*** stack smashing detected ***: terminated
lost connection

This kind of error never happened before. I have used the above command line many times successfully in the past.

Thank you

What you shared does not allow concluding why this would be related to docker.
Can you explain why you think this is related to docker?