How to remove a Docker swarm Volume Reference for non existing Volume Driver


I’m playing around with Docker Swarm and with the RexRay Docker volume plugin.

Having the following scenario:

  • Install plugin rexray/dobs
  • Create volume vol1, driver rexray/dobs
  • Remove plugin rexray/dobs (volume was not removed before this step)


Docker swarm still has the reference to the volume vol1 but the RexRay plugin does not exist any more.

$ docker volume ls does not display the volume
$ docker volume prune has no effect on the vol1 volume


When trying to create a volume with the same name vol1, there is an error that a reference with that name was found and that there is an error looking up the driver.


Is there some way to remove the volume vol1 reference from the docker swarm as without the driver installed any more it cannot be removed.