How to Remove Dockerhub Login from an Instance I no Longer Have Access to?

The instance (Ubuntu 22.04) belongs to my former employer, who I just left. I set up the docker login on the instance by this standard terminal command to facilitate pulling/pushing of images.

docker login --username spiderman --password "34gqd4043^$%sd"

Now that I am not in the company, and can no longer access the instance, is there a way to prevent my colleagues from abusing this login credential?
Are the machines that access my dockerhub account for image manipulation somehow visible from my account dashboard, sort of like how github shows me the public keys of machines?

Like in every other system in the world, changing the user’s password be the way to go, wouldn’t you agree?

You can change it here:

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Yes, it occurred to me, but that will remove my login from a few other instances that I am still using.
That is why I was wondering whether dockerhub provides any interface to see which machines are still registered/connecting to it, and if I could manage it there.
Thanks for the answer anyway, so changing the password is the only resort?

Or creating a new account and moving everything to that account. Regarding other currently used systems, it is not a really good idea to use the original password on multiple systems and then forgetting (if that’s what happened, I’m not sure) how many systems are using the same Docker Hub account :slight_smile: You could also use access tokens and use those instead of passwords. So when you share a token, all your other systems will use a different token or the original password, but never share the original one with anyone else.

As far as I know, there is no way of telling what servers are using your Docker Hub account.

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