How to Search Docker Hub Private Repository


I se up a private repository in Docker Hub and pushed some images with their associated tags. I want to be able to query/ search the repository to get back all the images currently in the repository without downloading them, just having them listed.

Once I get the list I will download just one of them with docker pull.

I know search can be done in public repositories, however, I’d like to do his for my private Docker Hub repository.

Check out these bash functions → Docker Registry API Bash Functions

Example to list all tags from a docker repository for the repository gforghetti/apache

Note: the repository can be in Docker Hub or in a private registry.
You will need to be logged to Docker Hub for a private repository by issuing a docker login command.
You will need to be logged into the private registry for repositories in a private registry.

🐳  gforghetti:[~] $ get_docker_repo_tags -r gforghetti/apache | jq -r '.tags[]'