How to set up date percistency in plesk

I’m new to docker and I use it to run instances of Directus on a ubuntu server through Plesk.

I manages to get directus to run and connected to it without problems.
But I’m trying to figure out how to map volumes for data persistence.

It looks staight forward, but it doesn’t work.
in the destination field, I use the default value “/directus/database” (inside the container)
and in the host field I put the path to a directory I created:
“/directus_data/projectName/database” (outside the container)

But when doing so, the container never gets created. I get the error “database file not found”

I tried inverting the two fields as proposed in this github discussion: Plesk docker · Discussion #15565 · directus/directus · GitHub
…the container is then created, but the mapping had no effect and the database file isn’t stored in my custom directory.

Does anyone now how to handle this? How can I use an external folder to store the directus data like the db file?

Thanks in advance!