How to setup a container in portainer with own IP (in my network) and a own hostname?


I’m looking for some, maybe simple help. I’m not sure if i’m stupid but i’m not able to create a container in portainer that is showing up in my network with a own ip and hostname.

I tried a lot, followed endless how tos and forum topics but at the end i never was successfull. In most cases my container are running on the Docker-Host-IP ( with a given port. But that’s not allways what i want.
When i follow the how tos it most end ups that the container is running under in a other adress (172.x.x.x) area or cannot be saved (error 400).

In, for exmaple proxmox, i just configure the wanted ip (or not) and the vm is showing up in my network. How to do this with docker & portainer container?

My Setup:
OS: LibreElec
Portainer: 2.15.1
IP Host:
Hostname: LibreELEC

In short, i want that a container is set up to run in same ip area, for example something between and and a given new hostname.

How to do that with portainer?

Many thanks


I am not using Portainer, but what you are looking for is a macvlan network.

The forum search should yield plenty of results for macvlan.

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So many thanks - after searching for related sites i have found one that was explaining the set up simple.

(German: MACVLAN über Portainer einrichten –

I also tried macvlan, but never recognized that there are two steps necessary > First config, second Network.

Now it’s working.