How to spin up multiple docker machines at once? I need 20 or 50, now

How should I go about booting 20 or 50 docker machine instances on ec2? Waiting for one to complete its startup would be… really slow. I don’t see a command option for multiple machines, which is pretty surprising given that people are using this for production workloads at scale? Or are they not? It seems a little strange to have to fork bash to boot a large swarm.

Is there a JIRA for this feature or some other way to do this?

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usually I’ll kick off a bunch of docker-machine processes in parallel if I need to create that many. I’ve done something along the lines of:

for i in `seq 0 9`; do
    docker-machine create -d ... foo-$i &;

It looks like there is also an open feature request for this on github. It might be worth putting in some details about your usecase: