How to take dump(.sql) from the container(mongodb)?

Can anyone please tell me how to take dump from the running continer?

Like sql server we are taking dump like this
mysqldump -uroot -proot dbname > testdb.sql

not sure which question you are asking

to backup a mongo database, you would use the mongodump command

now, how you connect to the container…
you either
docker attach if the container is on the host you are on
you can ssh to the container , if it has sh server running
you can use the mongo db ports for access

absolutely nothing here (access to container) is different than a normal database server

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Thanks sdetweil , I got it .

Basically what i mean is that i have mongodb container running with docker but my friend does not have. So i have to take a dump from the my docker container and restore it in my friend’s system.

understood… you use mongodump and they use mongorestore

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