How to use a hosts ip on a docker container?

I am running a metasploitable2 docker container on a server. Here is the docker command to create this docker container:

docker run --name victumb-it tleemcjr/metasploitable2:latest sh -c "/bin/ && bash" --security-opt apparmor=unconfined -privileged true --network host

I then ran an exploit on Kali linux container on a different server targeting the docker image, however it failed.

use exploit/unix/ftp/vsftpd_234_backdoor
msf5 exploit(unix/ftp/vsftpd_234_backdoor) > set RHOST
msf5 exploit(unix/ftp/vsftpd_234_backdoor) > run

[-] - Exploit failed [unreachable]: Rex::ConnectionTimeout The connection timed out (

I am confused as to why this exploit failed. Due to the --network host i thought that the traffic would be mirrored into the container. Is their anyway to fix this networking error, so that the hack is successful?

Here is the tutorial I was loosely following: