How to use docker scan in yaml pipeline


we are able to test docker scan command on our machine. We would like to integrate it to yaml pipeline. In docker task we did not find scan could you please tell me how can we use docker scan in yaml pipeline. When we see docker --help command. We did not find scan command in help content

- task: Docker@2
  displayName: 'Docker Scan'
    containerRegistry: 'containerRegistry'
    repository: 'repository'
    command: --help
    Dockerfile: 'docker file'

Help content

Management Commands:
  builder     Manage builds
  buildx*     Docker Buildx (Docker Inc., 0.8.2+azure-1)
  compose*    Docker Compose (Docker Inc., 2.4.1+azure-1)
  config      Manage Docker configs
  container   Manage containers
  context     Manage contexts
  image       Manage images
  manifest    Manage Docker image manifests and manifest lists
  network     Manage networks
  node        Manage Swarm nodes
  plugin      Manage plugins
  secret      Manage Docker secrets
  service     Manage services
  stack       Manage Docker stacks
  swarm       Manage Swarm
  system      Manage Docker
  trust       Manage trust on Docker images
  volume      Manage volumes