How to use docker swarm with nodes in autoscaling?

I want to put my all 6 micro-application under docker swarm with autoscaling feature like all my application docker nodes are the label with the application name and want to autoscale when load increases.

Any suggestion !!!

Hi Ankit.
Hope you are doing well.
Have you got any solution for node scaling with docker swarm?

Docker Swarm has no build in autoscaler. It only allows setting a fixed number of replicas and takes action if the number of replicas are not reached.

Though, there are some third party solutions that might be worth trying:

Though, in this situation you might consider switching from Swarm to Kubernetes easily allows horizontal or vertical Pod autoscaling, end can be easily extended to use a node autoscaler (most cloud providers are supported oothb)


Thanks, Metin for your quick response.

I think switching to the Kubernetes cluster would be a good option.