How to Use go Daddy SSL Certificates for Docker TLS

I have generated SSL certificates from

It generally generates two files. one is cert (460d14e8fa8.crt) and the other is intermediate file (gd_bundle-g2-g1.crt). I input the private key to generate these files.

To use this for nginx, jenkins, we need to combine cert and intermediate file.

Now i want to use the SSL certificates for the Docker TLS. Docker tls generally requires 6 files. 3 for server and 3 for client.

I have only three files. i am not sure how to generate client certificates using the server certificates. if i generate client certificate through openssl, whether it will be secure ?

Or do i need to insist goDaddy to create set of client certificates?

Please help me in fixing this. i searched but didn’t find working solution.

I tried docker tls with self signed certificates and it works fine. (

Please help me in using trusted certificates for docker tls .

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