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How to use private registry replace default registry when using docker pull command?

  • Issue type: registry
  • OS Version/build: centos 7.7 1908
  • App version: docker 19.03.05

I setup a private registry use nexus and it worked correctly.
And i also add configuration in /etc/docker/daemon.json as blow:
after systemctl daemon-reload && systemctl restart docker, the docker pull command still connect to

i bind an error dns reslove to prevent pull image from dockerhub, i found the mirror registry not worked yet. console showed Error response from daemon and quit.

I want “docker pull xxxx” command can directory pull image from my private registry , dose something wrong or there is another way ?

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I guess you need to provide the port that you defined for http in the Repository Connector section of your repo as well.

i use a nginx proxy to forward port, when use “docker pull” or “docker push” it works correctly.