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How to use the docker build command to run the files in a directory


(Abhinavsharma1494) #1

Can anyone plz help me to run the files in the folder using docker build command.

I am trying to create an image using docker build command so I created a directory (practice) as specified in the tutorial
and added the files to the directory:- Dockerfiles.txt, requirement.txt and, now when I’m trying to use the command'docker build -t friendlyhello . it says The system cannot find the file specified

please help me to solve this problem I’m a beginner.

(Mohanrajdocker) #2

Go to the Dockerfile located directory and execute the docker build command. docker build -t friendlyhello . The end of dot denote the docker context, all files(tar file) will be sent to docker deamon(docker server) to build.

(Sam) #3

where is the file ‘Dockerfile’ ? that is what docker build reads… that exact name ( not .txt)

(Abhinavsharma1494) #4

I have made a directory named practice in which I have stored files named Dockerfile.txt, and requirement.txt.
When I tried running the command on my Powershell i get the response the sysytem can't find the file specified
I have also tried running docker build -t practice . but the response was same

(Janjulienn) #5

Try to remove .txt in your Dockerfile.txt