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How to utilize OVH Public Cloud private networks?

I’m trying to figure out how to use docker networking with the OVH Public Cloud. In addition to the normal public network that is connected to the internet, new VM instances may be attached to a private network. The admin may purchase what OVH calls a vRack to create multiple private networks. When creating a private network, the admin specifies the VLAN id (0 to 4000), the IP range to use for the network, and whether the network has a DHCP server for allocating IPs. When you create an instance, you may attach 1 private network to it (out of your 4000 possible private networks) and the VM provisions the eth1 interface inside the server to have 1 IP allocated from the IP range using DHCP.

Now, inside the VMs, I will be running Docker.

What I need to understand is how to utilize the host’s private network within containers?

Is there a network driver that I can use to make user defined networks that access these 4000 possible private networks?

I want to create multiple user defined networks within Docker and have the IPs assigned to containers on these networks by the corresponding OVH private network that backs the docker user defined network. I don’t know if I can use any of the Docker network drivers that come preinstalled with Docker or that are available from third-parties on the web.

Or, can I?

Or, do I have to find a Docker network driver that is created specifically to work with these OVH vRack Private Networks?

Any help or info on how best to utilize these private networks within my Docker containers spread throughout multiple servers (some will be Openstack VMs and others will be OVH dedicated servers on the same vRack) would be greatly appreciated. I want to use the vRack networks since they may have faster network interfaces on the dedicated servers. The public network interface is always 1Gbps for dedicated servers, but I can rent faster vRack network interfaces of 10Gbps or even faster for dedicated servers. So, I don’t want to run Overlay networks on the public network interface but want my user defined networks to run on the second network interface.

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No one has any advice on networking setup for OVH private networks?