HyperV Windows Container Images


I am using docker on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, pretty cool stuff. I want to migrate my current architecture that runs a testsuite on Windows 10 into docker containers. Unfortunately, I need to run the tests on Windows 10, which means that I am required to use HyperV containers. As far as I can tell, there is only one base image for HyperV, the nanoserver, which is too basic. A few questions where I could use some help:

  • Does anyone knows if Microsoft have plans to provide another base image for HyperV containers that have the full Windows 10 OS?
  • Is there a documented way to create new docker base OS images? maybe from an existing VM? (that would be really cool)
  • Is there a way to modify a nanoserver so it becomes a full Windows 10 installation? (by installing all the missing components, then committing the modified container to an image)

Any help would be much appreciated…thanks!