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I am unable to open my localhost 7604

(Prabakar) #1

By using the Dockerfile I have built the commands sudo docker build -t=“prabakar/java7” . and then
I used the run command sudo docker run -p 7604:7604 -d prabakar/java7

while using the sudo docker ps its running but even though i am unable to view my localhost:7604

Can you help me out in giving suggestions and if wrong correct me ?

(Usertaken) #2

I would start by verifying with netstat -tlpn and ps auxf | grep docker-proxy. Run without daemonizing to see output then run with –net host. If it still fails to open then there is most likely something wrong with your application.

(Sven Dowideit) #3

or, if you’re using boot2docker, don’t use localhost:7604, use the IP given to you by the boot2docker ip command.