I can't access my docker container in docker desktop

my container is bitnami/openldap all working fine, the port is set to 389:1389, 390:1636,

i get when in click on the link

This page isn’t working

localhost didn’t send any data.


thank you very much for helping


Help us to help you: please provide all details required to reproduce your situation.
Furthermore, please share error logs from the container.

Thank you very much
there is no error log as the install went perfect
I think the problem is the bridge, i don’t know how to setup it for docker desktop
i would appricate guidance in that direction


Thank you for responding to the last sentence of my post.

Without your response to the first sentence, I have no idea how to help. I need to have a chance to understand which command or compose file (its content of course) was used to create the container. It helps us both If I don’t have to guess.