I can't copy directory with Docker

Hello everybody,

I’m using this line to download a file in my dockerfile :

ADD https://tomjedusor:666@ /tools

it works fine.
Though, when I do the following I get a 401 “Authentication is required”:

ADD https://tomjedusor:666@ /tools

What am I doing wrong please ?
I’m using Docker 20.10.24, my host is a debian 12 as well as my container.
I tried to use COPY, but it doesn’t not work with URLs. I just want to download the content of the remote directory inside my container.

Thank you all in advance !

You can not add a folder via http. Http only has single files specified, no directory listing, so it can not iterate over potential files on the server.

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Thank you for your answer, so, dealing with http, there’s no way to download the content of a folder, not knowing what’s inside of it ?

When you do get a list of files in browser, it is a custom HTML page from the server.

There is no standard for file lists in http, so you can’t download all files of a folder at once.

Workaround could be to create a ZIP on the server, download and unpack it.

Maybe check if WebDAV is supported as protocol.

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The point is, I have to split my file cause there is a file size limitation…

Please take a look at the documentation:

If the src for an ADD instruction is an URL, only a single get request will be made. Either you are going to follow the suggestion of @bluepuma77 and make the url return a single tar file archive using a supported compression format (identity , gzip , bzip2 or xz), or you will have to add as many ADD instructions as files that you want to download.

Though, what you need could be a wget command in a RUN instruction that recursively downloads or mirrors a subpath of a URL. A short google search should yield plenty of blog post for this subject.