I can't export my docker

Hello everyone, I’m new to the world of Ubuntu and specifically to dockers.

My problem is the following, I can’t export an app called Squash-TM which is in docker. I also use a second docker for the database.

I’ve already tried docker export, but it didn’t work (maybe I’m doing it wrong).

With the help of

We can tell only if you share what you do exactly and what your goal is. docker export by the way exports filesystems of containers not the whole container with metadata.

That’s okay, as that is a garment company. You probably mean containers with Docker.

All right, thanks for the precission

My goal is to migrate the dockers to another server and I’m looking for a solution that will allow me to recover the dockers (images and volumes and other if necessary).

For images, you can push them to docker hub, public or private if you’ve a paid account.

For volumes, you can use persistent ones on your filesystem then f.i. use zip or tar to archive them (or versioning systems like github / gitlab)