I need to change my .wslconfig files and need help with modification to change the number of CPUs and RAM used by Docker

I did not make a ticket for this request becasue I cannot afford it so I am hoping for help with this issue: I am trying to this part (was recommended to come here to github for help): troubleshooting.knit and need to change the number of CPUs used to get the program to work. However, I am new to this and have followed this guide (Advanced settings configuration in WSL | Microsoft Learn) but it is very technical for me and do not want to compromise my system when doing so. I cannot change the resources in Docker so I need to change the .wslconfig file to do so. I am running Ubuntu subsytem on windows 11. Any help is greatly appreciated especially if it easy to follow.

what are you looking for exactly and what motivates it? What’s the exact problem?

Are you aware that docker run / compose have arguments that allow to restrict cpu’s or limit the container to use specific cores?