I want Docker using more RAM and pagefile

From the reading I’ve done, most people are complaining about Docker using too many resources, but I want it to use more. It won’t go over 50% even after adding .wslconfig

I’m running Windows 11 with i7-12700k and 32GB of RAM. I have 64GB coming tomorrow, but if I can’t get Docker to utilize more than 50%, I just added 32 GB but will only net 16GB usable.

I’ve added .wslconfig to both C:/Widnows/ and C:/Users/(username) with the below configurations:


but in WSL when I run “free -m” this is the output.

:/mnt/c/Users/bill$ free -m
total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 15876 4074 2409 17 9392 11459
Swap: 4096 0 4095

The swap is what is available on the C drive, but I have allocated 96GB on a separate drive that windows shows as allocated, but Docker isn’t using it.

I’m running WebODM and am getting shut down because of low memory. Any ideas?