I want to launch exited docker instance bypassing the entry point with login shell or sh or bash etc

How to view the files in exited containers… may be it failed due to nginx port issue or nginx configuration issue…

in such cases, I want to launch the container without any ngnix etc… i.e. go into bash and view if all the config is alright etc…

any way to do that…

Docker Desktop when look Files hangs infinitely for exited containers… while it does work with non exited ones…

If you start the container from the cli or a compose file, you can override the entrypoint script. Please share how you start it, and I can add the relevant parts.

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as exited containers, the files are not fetched… but infinite circle keeps animating

If you paste the exact command or compose file you used to deploy the container, I can add the missing part. Please understand that I am not going to look at any links or take a look at screenshots of text.

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In one it is, from Dockerfile image used is FROM node:14

CMD ["node", "index.js"]

and other is through entrypoint script that is executing

exec env nginx -g 'daemon off;' and images used are

FROM node:14 as build-deps
WORKDIR /usr/src/app
COPY package.json yarn.lock ./
RUN yarn
COPY ./ ./
RUN yarn build

FROM nginx:1.25.1-alpine

What you shared is a Dockerfile to build/create an image.

Like I already wrote you can override the entrypoint script for a new container. Please check the docs on how to apply it to the way you start your container (which you still didn’t share:)

With docker run (search for --entrypoint on the page):

Within a compose file:

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