Identifying the target OS of a Docker Hub Image

At a glance of a docker hub page description for an image, how can I tell what OS it supports? Since I am using Windows 10, I want to know if I need to invoke “switch to Windows containers” or “switch to Linux container” before I invoke “docker run”.

For example, I’m looking at the neo4j image official page. It provides a sample docker run command. Great! Before I run that command on Windows 10, how do I know which to pick: “switch to Windows containers” or “switch to Linux containers?”

From the neo4j website, I see that neo4j is capable of running directly (non-containerized) on both Windows and Linux. So in this particular case, perhaps it does not matter which of the two container-modes I choose. But when I look at the neo4j docker hub “tags” panel, I see hundreds of entries with references to OS/arch of “linux/amd64”. I don’t see any “windows/amd64” references…but that does not mean they don’t exist, and the filter tool does not work (when I type “linux” and it says “no matches”) so I am still wondering what my options actually are for quickly determining all supported operating systems for any given docker hub image.

For fun, I now intentionally did a “docker run” for neo4f while switched to “windows containers”. I received an error message no matching manifest for windows/amd64. Yes, this proves there is now a Windows image…but I should be able to determine that in advance - without depending on an error message for my answer.

So I will sum up my question using neo4j as an example. Without going to the official neo4j website…and without having to look at dozens of pages of “tags” to inductively guess what operating systems are supported…how can I simply tell at a glance (from docker hub) which operating systems an image supports?