IIS,Docker and the hosting of Application


I have a application which has say 5 modules.So I seggregated the application into 5 projects.
Now,when i run docker ps command how many containers should it show.As of now it is showing only 1 container so Is this Correct?

How should i host the application so that it will be publicly accessible?Should I map the IP of the server using Power shell or is there any other way?

I guess I am going wrong as i am thinking docker would be useful to avoid zero downtime.

Hoping to get suggestions

What “I segregated the application in 5 projects” means?

I have one application say HumanResourceManagement and i further segregated that into 5 projects
say HRPayrol,HRAttendance,HREmployeeDetails,etc

You have 2 docker images? Or what projects are you refering to?

Yes i have 2 docker images as i have 2 projects in one solution say i have HRPayrol and HRAttendance as projects and images and it is visible in Powershell with docker ps command

Ok so what are you asking? You have 2 docker images, you run then and you can see 2 containers with docker ps.

no i can see only one container when i run docker ls and two images when i run docker ps
so Is this Correct?

And will u guide me in hosting the application in IIS

docker ps showing running containers not available images. Docker images shows available images. If you are using Visual Studio for all of this. Please stop, go back to basics and use Visual Studio Code or you will never understand how docker actually works.

okay i am doing a big mistake then.

Will you help me out how to proceed.Can i get a sample project for that

The best way to learn docker to go through some walkthroughs. There are tons available on Internet both for Windows and Linux. Will be difficult to guide you through forum posts.

I am sorry for the late reply and thanks for the time to give those reply.
Will you please provide some links which are relevant to refer docker container and IIS with docker ?

Search google.

I will definitely go through the link and will get back to you if have any queries.Is it Okay?

Yes, once you familiarize yourself with docker primitives you can continue asking questions about how docker works etc. Route of learning through Visual Studio is not going to work since it hides all docker commands.