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I'm trying to delete a container through Docker V2

I’m trying to delete a container through Docker V2 api as “DELETE ==> :https ://” is not working.

Steps I Followed to Work with Docker V2 api

Tool Used : Postman

1 ) I am able to get access_token(the one need to use to in digest of a given repo). The request will look like

Method : GET

Auth Type : basic Auth

Input To Auth : Username and Password


“https ://,push/”

2 ) I am able to get list of Repo’s Containers using

Method : GET

Header Type : “Authorization”

Input To Header : “Bearer bearerTokenWeGotInStep1”(Make sure you Include Bearer before entering token)

Url: “https ://”

3 ) Here We get all tags and with “Get”

Method : GET

Auth Type : OAuth2.0

Input To Auth : “AccessToken we got in step 1”

Url: “https ://”

Wrote In “()” for clear understanding.

4 ) Here comes the problem deleting a container using manifest Id or Tag without any authorization

Method : DELETE

Url: https ://"

So If any one have idea that, how can one delete that tags using V2 api. Thanks in advance

For reference :