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Image exists but not able to delete

HI All,

I am facing below issue.

REPOSITORY               TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
ssharma2993/2993docker   v1                  809ca8641517        3 days ago          131MB
friendlyhello            latest              809ca8641517        3 days ago          131MB
python                   2.7-slim            48e3247f2a19        7 days ago          120MB
ubuntu                   latest              94e814e2efa8        3 weeks ago         88.9MB
hello-world              latest              fce289e99eb9        3 months ago        1.84kB
ubuntu2993@user-PC:~$ docker container rm 809ca8641517
Error: No such container: 809ca8641517

Image exists, but not able to delete.
Trying to delete ssharma2993/2993docker and friendlyhello
Images are not running either.(FYI)
Please help. Thanks


docker rmi ssharma2993/2993docker:v1

docker rmi friendlyhello:latest


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It worked :sweat_smile:, what does “i” do here?

Remove image I guess, thanks anyway, closing the topic

The i stands for image. So you are rm’ing an image, which is what the listing you posted was showing. rm is for removing containers


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