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Image for iOS Build Server Configs

(Tmiosdocker) #1

Hello - I’m a QA Engineer that is brand new to Docker and have been tasked with creating an image for iOS build server configurations. I have searched and been unable to find any examples to point me in the right direction for this project so am reaching out for help here.

The image should allow us to update at least the following on our Mac Mini build servers:

  • MacOS version
  • Fastlane version
  • Gym version
  • Xcode version
  • Ruby version

Is anybody familiar with images for this purpose that can point me in the right direction for getting started on the Dockerfile? I see many examples for containerizing the pipeline build/test process itself, but nothing pertaining to server setup.


(David Maze) #2

Right, Docker runs processes in an isolated environment and it’s consciously difficult for containers to change software and settings on the host. It is probably not the technology you’re looking for here. (You’ll have the additional problem that Docker doesn’t run truly natively on MacOS, even the Docker for Mac desktop app actually runs a VM with Linux containers.)

You’re probably looking for one of the various system management tools out there. I’ve had good luck with Ansible personally but Chef and Salt Stack are also prominent open-source alternatives.