Image ID of Docker Hub tags

Is there some way to find out the Image ID of a tagged image on Docker Hub? I don’t want to pull the image first.

I came across this, when i built some images locally and had to overwrite some existing tags on Docker Hub. I had no way to find out, if I already pushed the updated tag or not, wich left me confused.


I’ve found a workaround using the docker hub api:


Not the nicest solution but at least it works.

Would be great to have this information included in the UI somewhere


great! I think it could be a interesting feature to add in docker client, for other hand,
maybe @kencochrane is considering this feature


Now seems to return a json array whereas in my private registry running v0.6.9 it returns a string. When was this change made?


Now returns a 404

It doesn’t seem to be documented in the API here: