Image Search Docker Private Registry 2

I set up a secure private registry using the image registry:2. I am able to perform pull and push operations but couldn’t find a method to search for an image on that registry. I was able to do the same without any issues using registry 1. While searching for a solution I came up with some links saying, image search option is not present with new docker registry2. So i would like to know details/confirmations about the following.

  1. Does Docker registry API Version 2 support image search? If not why ?
  2. Is there any method to communicate with a private and secure registry using API?(am getting encoded results only)

@chakku, Last I checked (several months ago) there was no “docker search” command as there was with Registry v1. With v2, you’ll have to use the REST API. So something like:

$ curl -v -X GET http://myregistry:5000/v2/python/tags/list

Last I checked it was not as easy to use as v1, but hopefully better usability is coming soon.