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In house training courses

(Anisbet) #1

Hi All,

I’m looking for some Docker training for my development team. A trainer willing to run a course in house. Does anyone have any recommendations? Apologies if not the correct place to ask this question.

(Fsejoseph) #2


If you just follow the Docker Documentation it is more than enough. That is all I used in order to pass the Docker Certification Exam.

Docker Docs:
There is also Docker on Youtube:
Play with Docker:
Train with Docker:
There are also communities:
There are local events:
These are all free!!!

There is so much more!!! Keep searching! Good Luck!

(Fsejoseph) #3

Another thing you can have Play With Docker On-Prem where your team can go play with docker!

Here are few sites that can help you with that journey!

(Anisbet) #4

Thanks for the resources Joseph, I’ll circulate them as a starter. Appreciated.