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Include other docker-compose files within a docker-compose file

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Currently, I have the file structure as such:

├── docker-compose.yml
├── AppA
│ └── docker-compose.AppA.yml
├── AppB
│ └── docker-compose.AppB.yml
└── AppC
│ └── docker-compose.AppC.yml

The purpose for this is to be able to download and run the docker-compose files, but still have the apps separated, to increase modularity.

The Problem

I’m trying to use the topmost docker-compose file to link to the other docker-compose files within the respective directories. I’ve looked at a few YAML references but none of them work because of course while the docker-compose files are written with a YAML syntax, it’s not actually YAML.

What I want to be able to do is just run docker-compose up from within the internal-tools directory and have Apps A, B, and C also run. At the moment I get the following:

ERROR: The Compose file './internal-tools/docker-compose.yml' is invalid because:
Invalid top-level property "$include". Valid top-level sections for this Compose file are: services, version, networks, volumes, and extensions starting with "x-".

You might be seeing this error because you're using the wrong Compose file version. Either specify a supported version (e.g "2.2" or "3.3") and place your service definitions under the `services` key, or omit the `version` key and place your service definitions at the root of the file to use version 1.
For more on the Compose file format versions, see

This is when trying to use $include to import the other docker-compose files.

I realize I could simply run docker-compose -f AppA/docker-compose.AppA.yml -f AppA/docker-compose.AppB.yml -f AppA/docker-compose.AppC.yml but I want to see if there’s a way to just do it through the docker-compose file.