Ingress network in present, but docker service fails to create

I have upgraded my docker-ce to 17.12-ce in my Raspberry pi’s.
I created a docker swarm, with one manager node and 3 worker nodes.

The problem is, from the manger node, when I try to create a ‘http’ service,

docker service create --name myhttp --publish 80:80 --replicas=4 httpd

Result: Error response from daemon: rpc error: code = FailedPrecondition desc = service needs ingress network, but no ingress network is present

When I do, docker network ls
c6c23a535a69 bridge bridge local
eb33c8b26321 docker_gwbridge bridge local
7f6c7bc7c4b4 host host local
y5p7pundowne ingress overlay swarm
ba42626a67f9 none null local

‘ingress’ network is present, but docker service is not identifying it.
What is the solution ?

Solved it :smile:
->Removed swarm completely.
->Checked, whether every node has docker_gwbridge network , while doing ‘docker network ls’
->Created docker_gwbridge network for nodes that doesn’t have one.

docker network create
– gateway
(Gave my network subnet and gateway address)

-> finally created docker swarm, as usual with docker swarm init --advertise … command.