Insert 1Million data into Cassandra Image

Hi guys, I have a docker image and 1million data in CSV format. In my host machine I generally place my CSV file in the Cassandra bin folder and run an copy command to get that data in Cassandra DB.

How can I insert the same 1M data into Cassandra image in docker?
Quick responses are appreciated.

bump…any solution guys?
I’m using pokle/cassandra image.
Open to other cassandra images if inserting is easier/possible,.

One option is to customize the Cassandra docker image. For example, write a docker entrypoint script, that does the same copy to get data into Cassandra. Then you could place the CSV file in the host, and run cassandra container with -v /pathtocsvfile:/dirincontainer.

Or you could follow the original way to load data into cassandra, and then mount the cassandra dir as the cassandra data dir inside container.