Instalation behind VPN

Hi all sorry for the noob question but I’ve installer docker on Ubuntu 22 server.

This Ubuntu machine access internet through my home VPN running on my pfSense just fine. I can access webpages and files accross internet just fine on this machine.

Problem is when I run sudo docker run hello-world
It takes ages on message Unable to find image ‘hello-world:latest’ locally and then I get this error:

docker: Error response from daemon: error parsing HTTP 408 response body: invalid character ‘<’ looking for beginning of value: “

408 Request Time-out

\nYour browser didn’t send a complete request in time.\n\n”.
See ‘docker run --help’.

what am I missing?

kind regards

A few more info:


Kernel IP routing table
Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface
default         _gateway         UG    100    0        0 ens18 _gateway UGH   100    0        0 ens18     U     0      0        0 docker0   U     100    0        0 ens18
_gateway UH    100    0        0 ens18

docker info

 Context:    default
 Debug Mode: false
  app: Docker App (Docker Inc., v0.9.1-beta3)
  buildx: Docker Buildx (Docker Inc., v0.8.2-docker)
  scan: Docker Scan (Docker Inc., v0.17.0)

 Containers: 0
  Running: 0
  Paused: 0
  Stopped: 0
 Images: 0
 Server Version: 20.10.17
 Storage Driver: overlay2
  Backing Filesystem: extfs
  Supports d_type: true
  Native Overlay Diff: true
  userxattr: false
 Logging Driver: json-file
 Cgroup Driver: systemd
 Cgroup Version: 2
  Volume: local
  Network: bridge host ipvlan macvlan null overlay
  Log: awslogs fluentd gcplogs gelf journald json-file local logentries splunk syslog
 Swarm: inactive
 Runtimes: io.containerd.runc.v2 io.containerd.runtime.v1.linux runc
 Default Runtime: runc
 Init Binary: docker-init
 containerd version: 0197261a30bf81f1ee8e6a4dd2dea0ef95d67ccb
 runc version: v1.1.3-0-g6724737
 init version: de40ad0
 Security Options:
   Profile: default
 Kernel Version: 5.15.0-46-generic
 Operating System: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS
 OSType: linux
 Architecture: x86_64
 CPUs: 32
 Total Memory: 7.759GiB
 Name: mail
 Docker Root Dir: /var/lib/docker
 Debug Mode: false
 Experimental: false
 Insecure Registries:
 Live Restore Enabled: false

Anybody, please?

I’m stuck in this…

kind regards