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Install Oracle Client on Windows Docker Container


when I copy the setup.exe of the Oracle Client 12c and try to install it via cmd.exe in my docker windows container it seems that something happens but there is no installation folder then.

Any similar problems or solutions?

Docker file
#Sample Dockerfile

#Indicates that the windowsservercore image will be used as the base image.
FROM microsoft/windowsservercore

#Create the working folder
RUN mkdir c:\temp\database

#Copy Oracle installers and response file to the working directory previously created
COPY database /temp/database

#Run the command
RUN Powershell.exe Start-Process -FilePath ‘C:\temp\database\setup.exe’ -argumentlist ‘-responsefile c:\temp\database\response\db.rsp’, ‘silent’ -wait

Once ready I run on an elevated powershell Window

PS D:\docker\dockerfiles> docker image build -t 2016oracle -f dockerfile .