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Install python library talib

How does one install talib on Jupyter notebook on Ubuntu 18.04? I tried download the talib source in gz packed format, untar, configure, make and make install. I got no errors, but the file did not work when I tried to import it.

I also had to install a gcc compiler, else it would not work.


I can’t see how docker gets involved here … but what was the error message ?
And did you try to alternatively install talib via pip ? Pip will also take care of the dependencies.

Th error message was that when I tried to import talib it said that no such module exits. The install
went fine no errors at all. It just did not import when I tired to use talib like so:

import talib

Aso, I did try to use “pip install talib” and even “Conda install talb”. Nither worked.