Integrating python with pycharm in Mac OS Sierra

I am a beginner in both Docker and Python. I am trying to use Pycharm with Python 3 in Docker. Is this possible. I have downloaded the python image using “docker pull python”, but how can I use Python 3 in Mac OS? Sorry, I am a beginner.

Or simply, how to run python code in Mac OS using the docker python 3 image? Pycharm is optional.

Any idea how to do this?

And the answer is (but without Pycharm), just simply how to run Mac OS edited python scripts in the Docker container:

macbook2:python_scripts codrut$ pwd
macbook2:python_scripts codrut$ ls
macbook2:python_scripts codrut$ docker run --rm -it -v /Users/codrut/Documents/python_scripts/:/home python bash
root@686d1250a72e:/# cd home
root@686d1250a72e:/home# ls
root@686d1250a72e:/home# python
hello world!