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Internal docker networking not sending requests to linked containers

(Shaqq) #1

Expected behavior

Internal docker networking allows requests to be made to linked containers, mapping ports from the container to the host

Actual behavior

No networking behavior appears to be working properly.


  • Diagnostic ID: ADF522B0-8FF4-418C-AC1E-21ED35C720C2
  • MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015)
  • El Capitan
  • latest docker version

Steps to Reproduce:

  • docker-compose up
  • Observe internal docker networking failure ( linked containers cannot communicate with one another )

This problem has been plaguing me for a month, and is a total blocker.

I’ve observed it in both boot2docker AND docker for Mac beta, and I’ve seen it happen on multiple machines.

(Crestenstclair) #2

I’ve seen the same behavior on OSX machines, came here looking for a solution to the same issue.

(Crestenstclair) #3

Any update on this? it’s a huge blocker.

(Vinayh) #4

This has been happening for me around the same amount of time (~ a month). Definitely a blocker for me since we run a container named “psql” that runs a postgresql db that our node app container needs to talk to in order to service regular API requests.