Invalid container port error


I have a server with Centos 6.4 on AWS. I followed the instructions at this link for installing docker and it installed ok.

I’m trying to install opentsdb using

docker run -d -p 4242:4242petergrace/opentsdb-docker

but I’m getting an error

Invalid containerPort: 4242petergrace

Could anybody advise what is wrong?


you need a space between the port and the name of the image you want to run -

docker run -d -p 4242:4242 petergrace/opentsdb-docker

Tengo un nodo con Storj. Seguí las instrucciones en este enlace para instalar Docker y se instaló bien.

Estoy intentando instalar Stellar core usando:

docker run --rm -it -p " 8000: 8000 " -v " / home / scott / stellar: / opt / stellar " --name stellar stellar / quickstart --testnet

Pero recibo el error:
docker: Invalid containerPort: 8000 .

Gracias!! :smile:

You have a starting and a trailing space in your port mapping, and after the “:” : " 8000: 8000 "
Should be “8000:8000”

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