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Iptables-legacy vs iptables-nft

Hi folks,

Maybe I am too blind to see, but I haven’t seen it mentioned on Does docker support nftables? Does it still require the legacy iptables or the new nftables/iptables-nft?

Both are available on Debian (and probably on Ubuntu and others) , but AFAIU there are subtle differences between iptables-legacy and iptables-nft.

Every helpful comment is highly appreciated.


Thank like slot you my friend :DDD

Podman inherited this problem from Docker: CNI bridge network driver In the tries to use iptables on distros where only nft exists, like CentOS 8.2. The Docker documentation mentions iptables only but forced CentOS upgrade has replaced iptables with nft. iptables-legacy has disappeared together with iptables. Kernel 4.9 is in action now too.