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Ipv6 errors even disabling it

I have setup a server with Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS and docker 5:20.10.12~3-0~ubuntu-focal. Trying to build my own image with docker build . -t bla I’m getting some errors becase wants to use ipv6 even if is disabled on host machine. Also I tried to downgrade to 5:20.10.5~3-0~ubuntu-focal. For the old containers configured on the same server I can receive http requests from the outside machine using ipv4 public IP, (http rest api container), but when trying to do some output network requests, for example a curl, is trying to use ipv6 and throwing some errors… Finally I tried to disable IPV6 without results…

Solved using --network=host for the container or inside the /etc/docker/daemon.json removing the line "iptables": false