IPv6 only network

Is there a way to disable IPv4 and only run container networks with IPv6? We are now in 2019…

IIRC Facebook (and I guess possibly others) is only using IPv6 in their data center; load balancer are perfectly able to translate between IPv4 and IPv6 when needed.

There is an open issue on this (https://github.com/moby/moby/issues/32850) to introduce the --no-ipv4 flag but nothing has been done.

Enabling IPv6 is easy, but that you already know I assume. I agree that a nicer way to just create IPv6-networks should be available.

It’s possible to run containers without an IPv4 gateway if you use a custom network plugin. If the plugin doesn’t return an IPv4 gateway in the JoinResponse and sets DisableGatewayService to false then IPv4 will only be usable within networks the containers have joined anyway.

I haven’t tried but I think it’s also possible to use 127.x.0.0/16 (x!=0) as IPv4 address on the network, which will render it usable within the same container only.

But you still end up with 2 addresses, which need to be resolved by anything that needs to address a given service/container.