Is Docker on Raspbian a myth?

I want to run Docker on a Raspberry 3B+ under raspbian. I’ve found a number of posts around that say “Yes, it works.”, but many more that say “No, it doesn’t.” I’ve tried a lot of installation instructions and none has worked. If there is an installation process that works as of 1-Jun-2019, I’m willing to try it, even if means building from source. Thanks.

If it is about running Docker on Raspbian: I have no idea.

If it is about running Docker on a Raspberry Pi 3: I successfully installed and used Docker 18.09.x with Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS. It was part of a three node (1x Pi, 2x x86_64) mix architecture swarm manager only cluster.

If you take for example Home Assistant, one installation method is Docker on Raspbian. It is difficult to say how many users chose this way, but in the forum the questions are around how to use it, so we can assume it works.
The Dockerfile is built from this repo.

Yes it works using the official docker-ce builds.
Follow this doc : (using the armhf tabs)
I’ve even setup a swarm on a raspberry pi cluster 3 weeks ago ( and it worked like a charm

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That one seems to have worked. Thank you. I’m now waiting for RPi Compute Modules 3+ to come into stock somewhere to build my own cluster.