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Is docker useful for me?

(Fazorboy) #1

Hi Docker users and Experts,
i am evaluating the best way to use docker in out environment. i am finding it difficult and need some explaination and answers of my doubts.

Let me explain my application: We have our application running on centOS, and our app is tightly coupled with OS and its partition layout. we have few services running as part of our application which mount certain partition and work on them.

When thought of creating base centOS image first and import into docker but what i observe is this container has all the files and directory structure fine but what about DiskLayout? how to deal with it? i need to have specific disklayout to run my application. how shuld i think about dockerizing my app in that case?

Am i going/thinking in wrong direction? please help me with these basic doubts i have.

(Jeff Anderson) #2

What disk layout specifically does your application require?

Are you referring to different mount points in centos? By default, centos has a / and a /boot partition. Other partitions are added as an opt-in configuration at install time, and are not intrinsically required for centos.

If you need a certain directory to appear to be a separate mount inside the container, you might be able to use the volume feature. A volume is essentially a directory that is bind mounted in to the container at runtime.


(Fazorboy) #3

Hi Jeff, Thanks for reply. let me explore and get back to you.